Fiber Optic High Speed Internet

What is it?

FTTP or Fiber-To-The-Premise is a broadband network architechture that uses optical fiber instead of copper between your location and our network.

High speed Internet and voice services can be delivered over an FTTP network with virtually unlimited capacity.

How Does it Work?

A small fiber optic cable would be ran, usually underground, to your location and a device installed that converts the fiber optic signal into usable services such as ethernet for Internet or POTS/PRI for voice.

In the case of multi-tenant buildings a single fiber optic cable and termination device would service all the tenants.


Why Do I Need It?

If your business needs or depends on fast reliable Internet then our service is for you. The service is immune to RF and electrical interference and speed is not based on distance like a service based on DSL.

Due to the 1 gigabit capacity of our standard equipment there are many other services we offer that you could take advantage of; such as: connection of multiple sites, off-site backup of your data or off-site colocation of your server equipment.


Fiber Based Internet Services

Our fiber based Internet services deliver carrier class reliability and speed to your location.

We also offer e-mail and web hosting services, as well as server colocation in our data centers located in the Springfield Underground and 1102 Grand in Kansas City.




Let Us Help With Your Network

We can share our experience with you to give you the information you need to make informed decisions and get the most out of your network.

We can create custom packages with:

  • Symmetric Speeds
  • IP Space requirements/BGP
  • Multi-location Service
  • Many more options
  • So let us configure a custom service for you today!


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